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Hello my lovely friends and followers

It’s been a while. And there’s a reason why I vanished almost completely from Tumblr.
Long story short: I got stalked and blackmailed.
I don’t want to give away too much details because this is still an ongoing thing. Even with police involved. So bear with me.

But I’m back. I’m back because I missed you. Because I missed this amazing community. And I want to get involved again.
It’s going to be a slow coming back.
But I’m back and looking forward to get in touch with you guys again. 🙂

xoxo Jane

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Thanks to all of you guys who have been so patient with me! Now I’m back home and excited to shoot again 😀

Any wishes / requests? What do you want to see next? 😘

xx Jane

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Busy slave

Lately I’m not posting that much because I’m really busy 🙁
And I don’t want to post older photos. Don’t want you to get tired of me :p

So: I can’t tell you how stoked I am for the next shootings. I really can’t wait!

Hold tight lovely people! New stuff will arrive soon! 😘

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Any new projects you’re working on?

If school is a project, then yes. 😅

No actually I’m just planning a couple of things and photoshoots for when I’m going back home. You guys gave me a lot of great ideas!

And one hot little project will be a collaboration with @a-lil-lewd.
He’s writing some really kinky short stories. Also starring my beautiful girl @amethystlight45 from @w-y-s-f. (Oops, I hope I haven’t spoiled anything 😅 ) But I’m looking so forward for this! ❤️

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The Bondage Photoset vol. 1

Available at My little Slut Store 😇

My very first photoset. For limited time on sale!

Grab it while you’re horny, daddy. And then fucking use me as your little play toy. Imagine spanking my ass bright red. Spreading my ass and use those holes. Shit, it’s so early right now and I’m horny as fuck…

Right now I’m a bad girl, touching myself without your permission..
Am I allowed to do this?