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Classy little sex slave

young teen posing topless

His cock was unstoppable, like a power tool pounding my throat so hard that I was sure it was pushing my brain into the back of my skull. So this is what it felt like to be skull fucked, to be completely and utterly used as a fuck slave. I’d always wanted this, but I’d never found a man sadistic enough, ruthless enough to satisfy my cravings and my needs. I had needed this for far too long, this pounding, this using, this incessant throat hammering. Now, here I was living my dream, this dream that every feminist in my life had warned me against. I still remember my English teacher my senior year telling us all that women were to be respected and how I had felt so at odds with all that she was saying. How I wanted to end up barefoot and pregnant, how I had wanted to be seen as a sex object, a 3-hole sex slave. As I played with my pussy all those years I was waiting for a guy that could do more than treat me nicely, that could forget about respecting me as soon as my clothes came off. I would think about him, my dream man, as I came. He was the faceless man of my fantasies. He always knew what to do. He would grab me and take control, forcing me to me knees, forcing his cock down my throat and I would cum so fucking hard thinking about it.

In real life the boys weren’t like the faceless man I pictured in my wet dreams. They fumbled around my vagina like it was a game of cards they’d never played. I had to beg them to use me, beg them to fuck me harder but it was never enough. They just didn’t have it in them.

Now here he was doing everything I’d dreamed of and more, taking me to that next level I had always hoped for. I didn’t have to ask him. No, he knew how to fucking take what he wanted like I was nothing more to him that a throat hole to fuck. He was slamming his cock into my face now, as if I weren’t even a person and I knew that I was going to cum, even though my fingers weren’t even near my pussy. He was making me cum with his pure sadism, with his taking, with his using of my body. This was the moment I had been waiting my whole life for. Finally, a man who could give me what I needed by taking what he wanted. Finally I came, his cock pounding the back of my throat. I came so hard I could feel my pussy juices dripping down my legs. And he wasn’t even done yet. I sighed with pleasure. This was perfect.

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Busy slave

Lately I’m not posting that much because I’m really busy 🙁
And I don’t want to post older photos. Don’t want you to get tired of me :p

So: I can’t tell you how stoked I am for the next shootings. I really can’t wait!

Hold tight lovely people! New stuff will arrive soon! 😘

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Fact: I’m a nerd girl 🤓

Besides all my hobbies, I also love to code! Yes, girls can code! So go and check out! I got a little fancy with the new header. 😇

I also get super nerdy when it comes to Star Wars. So here’s a little funny picture because I’m a huge Star Wars fan. And I’m stoked for The Last Jedi!

So guys, don’t just send me your dick pictures (check this out if really want to send it). Better make some great conversation first and then get dirty. 😏

PS: Even though we’re both naked and had some fun times, Wicket doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it. Haha 😅

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Crawling and ready to be used

You asked for it. You will get it. (Because I’m a good girl.)

I’m releasing a photoset with full nude photos, pussy shots, me playing with myself, close ups and much more… 

You will be able to get it at My little Slut Store by the end of the week. 

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Good evening all you lovely people!

I’m sorry if I don’t answer as fast as I want to lately. I have a big exam in two weeks and I need to learn. But I will continue posting for you! In the meantime, keep on sending those dirty thoughts. Still loving it to get my pussy wet in the study breaks! 😘