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Busy slave

Lately I’m not posting that much because I’m really busy 🙁
And I don’t want to post older photos. Don’t want you to get tired of me :p

So: I can’t tell you how stoked I am for the next shootings. I really can’t wait!

Hold tight lovely people! New stuff will arrive soon! 😘

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The Bondage Photoset vol. 1

Available at My little Slut Store 😇

My very first photoset. For limited time on sale!

Grab it while you’re horny, daddy. And then fucking use me as your little play toy. Imagine spanking my ass bright red. Spreading my ass and use those holes. Shit, it’s so early right now and I’m horny as fuck…

Right now I’m a bad girl, touching myself without your permission..
Am I allowed to do this?

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Let’s cum all over me now

I’m laying here on your floor. In silent. In patient. For a new daddy to finally come home and use his little toy for his pleasure. I’m laying here for you. For your hard cock to cum all over my small tits. All over my pale body. All over me.

My World of Pleasure ❤️

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From Austria to Australia. ✈️

Your little slave girl is back on Tumblr! It’s been a long travel to Australia but I’m finally here and all settled. Brisbane is super nice and the people are all very kind. And I’m going to answer all your messages soon! Pinky promise! 🙂