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Classy little sex slave

young teen posing topless

His cock was unstoppable, like a power tool pounding my throat so hard that I was sure it was pushing my brain into the back of my skull. So this is what it felt like to be skull fucked, to be completely and utterly used as a fuck slave. I’d always wanted this, but I’d never found a man sadistic enough, ruthless enough to satisfy my cravings and my needs. I had needed this for far too long, this pounding, this using, this incessant throat hammering. Now, here I was living my dream, this dream that every feminist in my life had warned me against. I still remember my English teacher my senior year telling us all that women were to be respected and how I had felt so at odds with all that she was saying. How I wanted to end up barefoot and pregnant, how I had wanted to be seen as a sex object, a 3-hole sex slave. As I played with my pussy all those years I was waiting for a guy that could do more than treat me nicely, that could forget about respecting me as soon as my clothes came off. I would think about him, my dream man, as I came. He was the faceless man of my fantasies. He always knew what to do. He would grab me and take control, forcing me to me knees, forcing his cock down my throat and I would cum so fucking hard thinking about it.

In real life the boys weren’t like the faceless man I pictured in my wet dreams. They fumbled around my vagina like it was a game of cards they’d never played. I had to beg them to use me, beg them to fuck me harder but it was never enough. They just didn’t have it in them.

Now here he was doing everything I’d dreamed of and more, taking me to that next level I had always hoped for. I didn’t have to ask him. No, he knew how to fucking take what he wanted like I was nothing more to him that a throat hole to fuck. He was slamming his cock into my face now, as if I weren’t even a person and I knew that I was going to cum, even though my fingers weren’t even near my pussy. He was making me cum with his pure sadism, with his taking, with his using of my body. This was the moment I had been waiting my whole life for. Finally, a man who could give me what I needed by taking what he wanted. Finally I came, his cock pounding the back of my throat. I came so hard I could feel my pussy juices dripping down my legs. And he wasn’t even done yet. I sighed with pleasure. This was perfect.

Sex Slave story via Tumblr

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Fuck me on that table

Fancy teen no panties sitting on table

I love to have sex in different places. One of my favorite is the table. Being bent over the table; getting my ass slapped and pounded. This makes me go wild.

What’s your favorite place to fuck?

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Naked Teen Shower Session

Right before this shot I got laid with my dear friend “the shower head”. He’s the one who gives me those shivering orgasms with a lot of squirt every single time. My legs were so wobbly, It was hard to be on my feet. :p

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Vibrating Slut – Dildo Sex Story

Fan Fiction Story written by @a-lil-lewd

Jane sits quietly and obediently on the floor, her naked porcelain skin shining in the light waiting for me to use her as the sex toy she is.

“On your hands and knees and spread your legs”

I order, watching her eyes glisten with desire as she obeys shoving her arse in the air. Letting her already wet pussy on full display.

“We are going to play a game you slut”

I tell her as I lean down behind her, tracing my finger from her tight little arsehole to her wet cunt, letting my finger slide in between her pussy’s lips, lapping up the slut’s juices.

“What game Daddy?”

She asks innocently lust hanging in her voice. I don’t bother answering her as I lube up the butt plug in my hand, then moving over and gently massaging her arsehole with my lubed fingers before I slide the plug into her, Jane letting out a quiet moan as it fills her arse.

“Sit on your knees, and use your feet to spread your arse cheeks”

Jane followed her instructions turning around to face me, making sure her pussy was in full view. Jane knew that every time she was with Daddy her cunt had to be accessible, so I could fuck it when and how I wanted. I let my hands wander across her slim body before finally leading them down to her fuck hole. I slowly rub her pussy letting my fingers slide up and down her wet folds and teasing her cunt’s entrance before I abandon it to grab the last two things for our game.  On my way back, I grab her arms and pull them behind her before, slipping the heavy handcuffs over her slim wrists.

“I’m going to stuff you with vibrators, and if you moan while they fuck you, you get punished, that’s our game Jane you slut”

Leaning down I ease the large vibrator between her wet folds and into her cunt, turning the toy onto its highest setting, the humming growing louder and louder as it starts up. I reach for the remote that lay by side and press the buttons till it can’t go any higher, Janes plug coming to life in her arse.

“Ye-es Daddy”

She stutters resisting the overwhelming pleasure buzzing inside her. I lean into her and start to kiss her right tit, taking her nipple into my mouth before sucking and biting around it. My hand working her other breast pinching and twisting her nipple. Jane letting out a long moan as I play with her tits.

“Now I have to punish you”

I say coldly from her chest. I reach around her and start spanking her pale arse, my hand hardly slapping her behind. Jane letting soft cries of pain as my hand comes down.

“Filthy fucking whore, your only use in life is to be someone’s walking sex toy”

I growl at her as my hand slams down again on her arse cheeks.

“Yes Daddy”

She blubbers in a mix of pleasure and pain as her behind is spanked till there’s a visible red handprint on her arse cheeks.

“I’m sick of hearing you speak, time to put your mouth to its proper use”

I growl. Standing up and grabbing her by the back of her head and shoving my hard cock into her mouth. Without needing any orders Jane gets to work rocking her head back and forth on my cock. Her tongue rolling its way around my dicks shaft as she sucks. Jane lets out a muffled moan as she lets her tongue settle just as she pushes my cock down her throat. The feeling of the tip of my dick touching the back of her throat sending waves of pleasure through my cock.  I could feel her cunt’s juices starting to pool around my feet as the toys fucked her insides. She gave up on the deepthroating and started letting her tongue tickle the tip of my cock, licking the most sensitive parts. This time I’m the one to let out a moan. I steady her head and pull my dick from her mouth small string of drool connecting from her mouth to my cock forming as I pulled out. I grip my cock in my hand and slide my hand up and down its hard shaft till my dick starts to twitch and I feel the orgasm tear through me. My creamy cum sliding down her cheeks as I bust my load all over her leaving pretty her face covered in cum. She desperately uses her tongue to try and catch whatever she can of my juices, desperate to taste it. I lean down and adjust the setting of her vibrator turning it down lower and do the same to her arse plug, who knows how many times she had cum she must have squirted while she sucked my cock because there were puddles around her. I just left her there to sit quietly in her own pussy’s juices and her face covered in my cum. Left to sit for hours as the toys slowly buzzed inside her, not enough to make her cum just enough to edge the slut till I came back to fuck her.

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Announcement “Fan-Fiction Friday”

Hey guys! This friday I will start a series called “Fan-Fiction Friday”. I got inspired by a talented man, a-lil-lewd. He’s been sending me amazing sex/ slave stories. I get super hot everytime I read them and I promise  – you will get too.
I challenge you to send me you’re kinky fantasies about me. What would you wanna do with me? Every Friday I’ll pick one of your stories, which made me the most horny and post it.

Can’t wait to read you’re dirty thoughts! 😘

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Punish my sweet pale ass

Waiting for someone to punish my sweet pale ass

Choke my throat while fucking me from behind and I will moan in pleasure…

PS: All photos of the following week will be in my new photo set – available at

my Kink Store soon.

For those, who bought the „All Access – Premium Package“ – You have free access to all upcoming photo sets. Enjoy 🙂

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„Lazy Sunday“ Announcement

I want to start a new project. It’s called „Lazy Sunday“. Every sunday I’ll post a private picture of myself. Just me, taking pictures with my phone. I thought it would be a nice way to show you a more authentic side of myself.

What do you think? Would you enjoy seeing selfies of me every sunday? 🙂

xx Jane

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Waking up horny

The last few months I always wake up with a soaking wet pussy. I just can’t help it. I have to touch myself. Even though I’m pretty sure my flatmate Lisa hears me while I’m doing it. We have thin walls…
To be honest. I kind of like the feeling of being watched or heard by another person while masturbating.

Would you enjoy watching me masturbate or even helping me out? 😏


PS: All photos of the following week will be in my new photo set – available at
my Kink Store soon.

For those, who bought the „All Access – Premium Package“ – You have free access to all upcoming photo sets. Enjoy 🙂


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Thanks to all of you guys who have been so patient with me! Now I’m back home and excited to shoot again 😀

Any wishes / requests? What do you want to see next? 😘

xx Jane

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Busy slave

Lately I’m not posting that much because I’m really busy 🙁
And I don’t want to post older photos. Don’t want you to get tired of me :p

So: I can’t tell you how stoked I am for the next shootings. I really can’t wait!

Hold tight lovely people! New stuff will arrive soon! 😘